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Our club is a membership association dedicated to the sport, promotion, and breeding of cutting horses. Cutting is family friendly too!

New members are always welcome.  Just join at a Show!  Or, you can download our Membership/Insurance form here.

September 21st show we will have an Open and a NP Futurity Class. It will start after the Non Pro class. Cost will be $180. We will also be having a “NEVER WON A BUCKLE” class at our last 2 shows. Just think you can have the chance to win a beautiful buckle for $65. Tell your friends and enter up!

2014 Tentative Show Dates

  • March 23
  • April 13
  • May 18
  • June 22
  • July 13 NCHA/PCCHA
  • July 20
  • August 17
  • September 21
  • October 19

Shows start at 8:00 AM until further notice

2014 Show Schedule

Entries are due no later than 9:00 pm Wednesday before the show. We order cattle on Thursday morning. Owner and Rider must be a member of CCC to participate. Please fill out membership/release of liability form before you ride.

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Just a reminder:
You must fill out membership forms and release forms before you mount a horse on the CCC show grounds. We also appreciate payment before you show your horses or leave an open check with the secretary in the show office.

Thank you

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Message from the Club President

It’s time to start thinking about our upcoming Clements Cutting Club season.

We have posted the tentative dates on our website and will try to adhere to them as much as possible. As you know, we must change our dates when they conflict with an approved NCHA show in the area and not all the NCHA shows are scheduled yet. We also scheduled around other clubs in the area as many of our members compete at both. To be blunt, we have raised our class entry fees, not by desire, but by necessity.

As you are all aware, we are experiencing the worst draught in recent history and this means cattle costs go way up because trying to feed them is much more expensive and therefore the cattle suppliers are cutting way back on the number of cattle they are going to hold. (many cattlemen are already selling off their cattle due to lack of feed). We are guaranteed fresh cattle for all of our shows, which is of course a necessity and we are lucky to be in that position, however they will cost the club more.

The fee for fresh cattle classes is $150.00 total, which is an increase of $12.00 over last year.
The fee for used cattle classes is $90.00 total, which is an increase of $2.00 over last year.
The fee for youth is $40.00, which is an increase of $2.00 over last year.

I hope you all understand, as we have tried to make this the most enjoyable cutting experience in the area and still keep the costs within reason.

On to other items. We are dropping the 1,000 horse/rider class as there are not enough participants that qualify. We are also dropping the green youth class, as there does not seem to be enough interest to warrant it.

We will again give saddles to all classes except the youth.

We are looking for more sponsors, and certainly appreciate those that helped us so much last year. If you would like to sponsor a specific class or just be a sponsor we now have three levels of sponsors.

Platinum sponsor for a saddle or $1,500.00 Gold sponsor for $1,000.00 Silver sponsor for $350.00 We also will take any donation as a friend of Clements Cutting Club. See our sponsor signup sheet for benefits of being a sponsor.

Since cattle are going to be a concern this year, it is very important to call in your entries by the Wednesday prior to the cutting, as the supplier must put aside the correct number of cattle. Please enter on time as you may find you can’t get fresh cattle with a late entry.

Hope to see you all at the first show on March 23rd.

Syd Curtis, President Clements Cutting Club

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