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Our club is a membership association dedicated to the sport, promotion, and breeding of cutting horses. Cutting is family friendly too!

New members are always welcome.  Just join at a Show!  Or, you can download our Membership/Insurance form here.

Awards Dinner 2017

2017 Tentative Show Dates

  • March 19 - CANCELLED!
  • April 9 - CANCELLED (see reschedule)
  • April 12-15 - CANCELLED - CCC Spring Fling NCHA/PCCHA Approved @ Rancho (Outdoors!) **
  • April 23 - CANCELLED
  • May 13 (Resched. from April 9th)
  • May 25-28 Resched CCC Spring Fling NCHA/PCCHA Apprv, Rancho (In/Outdoors!) **
  • June 24
  • June 25
  • July 23
  • August 20
  • September 24
  • October 22
  • *** All dates are pending rain

For all Clements Cutting Club Shows, please send reservations, entries, any questions to Debra Robbins at cut3rope2@gmail.com  or 530-701-0824.

If you would like to Sponsor an Award at our Club Shows, please contact Debra at cut3rope2@gmail.com or text/call 530-701-0824 . The earlier you Sponsor, the MORE advertising your business will receive throughout the year!

Clements Cutting Club would like to Thank all of our members for their Support of our Club and Shows!

We have more very exciting announcements that will be released on Facebook and our website later this week - stay tuned!

Shows start at 8:00 AM until further notice

2017 Show Schedule

Entries are due no later than 9:00 pm Wednesday before the show. We order cattle on Thursday morning. Owner and Rider must be a member of CCC to participate. Please fill out membership/release of liability form before you ride.

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Just a reminder:
You must fill out membership forms and release forms before you mount a horse on the CCC show grounds. We also appreciate payment before you show your horses or leave an open check with the secretary in the show office.

Thank you

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Message from the Club President

Hello Cutting Community!

Welcome to the start of the Clements Cutting Club 2017 show year.

We have some long awaited exciting news and it’s finally time to get things started. Due to the weather, we’ve had a hard time getting off and running this year, our cattle pens are still a swamp and the pastures are still too wet to park our rigs but we do have on the schedule our first show just around the corner, April 9th.

As some of you might have heard the exciting new, NCHA has started a new program, which the Clements Cutting Club has chosen to embrace called, The Challenger Series. After looking over the pros and cons of the program, I, along with the rest of the Board members, felt this was an amazing opportunity to enhance the club cutting experience. The upfront cost is $5.00 per work more than last year’s fees but what you will receive in return outweighs the small cost. The $5.00 fee covers each ride being videotaped, ($3.00 NCHA requirement) plus the $2.00 fee to NCHA. The club will pay an additional $100.00 per show to participate. Importantly, NCHA will establish Regional Top 15 Standings for the new Challenger shows. The Challenger Standings will be based strictly on points, rather than money earned. However, money won at Challenger Shows will count toward lifetime earnings, rider and horse eligibility and achievement awards. This allows riders only showing at the club level to have money earned on their horse and themselves. It also will give judging credits to our judges, which will in turn, broaden our pool of potential judges. Additionally, since all CCC members will need to be NCHA members, NCHA will be waiving membership fees for 2017 for those who have never been a member or for those that have had your membership’s lapse for more than a year. You will however, need to complete the Amateur and/or Nonpro application if showing in either of those classes. (Those applications will be available in the office at the first show). In short, I feel this is a real attempt by NCHA to reach out to those of us who can’t afford to go “down the road” or feel more comfortable at the club level to obtain some of the NCHA awards. For more information, please visit the NCHA website: www.nchanews.com/2016/09/ncha-launches-challenger-shows.

Additionally, I am in the process of building a second cutting arena which will be parallel to the original show pen. This should help speed up our show days, provide easier cattle movement and make for an overall more enjoyable experience.

When we finally get started next month, I think we will all be in for a great year. See you all at the April 9th show.

Syd Curtis
CCC President

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