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Our club is a membership association dedicated to the sport, promotion, and breeding of cutting horses. Cutting is family friendly too!

New members are always welcome.  Just join at a Show!  Or, you can download our Membership/Insurance form here.


Our July 26th Futurity Practice has been CANCELLED due to lack or Conflicts of Interest

Our August Club Show has been MOVED to Sunday, August 9th at 8:00am at the Curtis Ranch due to conflicting show schedules with other NCHA Approved shows (August 16th date NO LONGER on schedule).

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please let fellow members and competitors know of the changes.

2015 Tentative Show Dates

  • March 22
  • April 12
  • April 19 NCHA/PCCHA (pending approval)
  • May 17
  • June 21
  • July 19
  • August 9 - RESCHEDULED!! (from Aug 16th)
  • September 20
  • October 18
  • *** All dates are pending rain

Shows start at 8:00 AM

2015 Show Schedule

Entries are due no later than 9:00 pm Wednesday before the show. We order cattle on Thursday morning. Owner and Rider must be a member of CCC to participate. Please fill out membership/release of liability form before you ride.

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Just a reminder:
You must fill out membership forms and release forms before you mount a horse on the CCC show grounds. We also appreciate payment before you show your horses or leave an open check with the secretary in the show office.

Thank you

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Message from the Club President

Hi Everyone

It’s time to start thinking about our upcoming show season, which will start on March 22nd. We are looking forward to another enjoyable year of friendly competition and camaraderie.

We have always made it one our priorities to keep the cost of showing reasosnable. However, we are faced with several challenges this year. This year we are faced with very high cattle prices, Lower supplies and continued high feed costs, making this more difficult. Last year, we paid $34.00 per fresh cow. Our price this year is $50.00 per fresh cow; an increase of $32.00 per rider in each fresh cattle class. The pressure of lower cattle numbers and hay prices that remain high, force our cattle supplier into a difficult position. We are fortunate to have a supplier that continues to work diligently with us to supply not only fresh but consistent size cattle for several years. This supply of good cattle has made our shows a popular event to attend and we are appreciative!

With these higher costs in mind, but our commitment to keep our show affordable; the board discussed at length what some of the solutions might be. We decided to make the fresh cattle classes with a jackpot $160.00 and kept used cattle class with jackpot $90.00. Obviously we are absorbing some of the cost increases compared to our prices last year. To make up for this, we are adding a 35000 non pro class with used cattle and changing the 15000 amateur class to a used cattle class. The 35000 will not be a jackpot class and therefore will cost only $65.00. To further keep the cost down, we are not going to jackpot the 5000 novice horse class keeping the cost at $135.00. We are still offering the youth a discounted class at $65.00 and providing fresh cattle (normal cattle cost would be $100.00). We are also moving the two new used cattle classes up in the schedule with the hope more people will show in them (please see schedule posted on the web site).

Depending on how many used cattle we have at the start of each used cattle class, we will put in as many as possible to provide a bigger herd. We are canceling the 1000 class and have decided not to award saddles in the youth or ranch class due to poor participation.

Please check on the posted rules regarding points, ties and awards.

Another positive that was done is to have removed the old ground from the arena and replaced it with all new sand. The old went into the loping arena. We should have the best ground available!

I would like to encourage anyone to sponsor a class or share sponsorship with someone. These sponsorships add up and are an important part of our annual budget. Actively canvas for anyone you think would like to support a tremendous personnel and family activity! This club benefits ALL who participate and we need your continued support! If you can think of someone that would like to sponsor a class, contact Paula Contreras at 916-803-2749.

We are meeting these challenges for the new year with positive solutions that will continue to allow our members, participants and spectators to enjoy the first class cuttings we have been known for and will continue to provide! We are going to have a great year and I invite you all to participate and enjoy it. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, suggestions or ideas! I am always eager to hear from you!

Syd Curtis,
President, Clements Cutting Club

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